Whole 30: What I Am Doing Halfway Through

I’m halfway through Whole30! Can you believe it?

I did whole 30 to reset my eating habits and see how my body did without certain foods for 30 days. Let me tell you that a lot more than the food has surprised me in the last 14 days. I will try to keep this brief since I plan to elaborate on each section a little more in blogs to come. Also, stay tuned until the end, for my day 14 results!

Have I Modified the Whole30?

HELL YES. This Diet seemed to have some rules I did not agree with. So if you are looking for someone 100% compliant, don’t read this blog! I’m really strong on following my heart and if I don’t agree with something, I do just so. So what did I modify?

  • Weighing Myself
    To me weighing myself helps keep myself motivated. If I see the change, I know I am doing it right. But that is me! If weighing yourself becomes something that is obsessive and negative, please do the Whole30 sans a scale
  • Making Foods that Resemble ‘Bad’ Foods
    For me, if food isn’t fun than I have a hard time being passionate about it. I know Whole30 forbids creating food that resembles bad food you use to eat (like banana pancakes). From my perspective, I wonder what is bad about learning a new way to take unhealthy foods and flip them into something healthier? I think this is a skill that would help so many people! It’s helped me.

You may disagree with me and that is fine; do your Whole30 without modifications! You may need to keep it strict because this is all new and you want to learn more about how your body reacts to foods (which I think is awesome)! Just remember this is only for 30 days. If you start to feel yourself becoming obsessive, take a step back. This 30-day lifestyle change should not take over your whole life or make you feel bad about yourself. Give yourself a break and love yourself for how awesome you are to be doing this ❤

Listen to Your Body… Seriously

In the nutrition/health food industry, you are told this and that about what you should eat all the time. It’s hard to know who to trust and what to do. I’ve been through many lifestyles like Vegan and Keto but usually followed the diets from information that was fed to me. A lot of these influencers selling diets out there actually know little about YOU. What they are selling may work for them (or they convinced themselves it does), but for you, it could ruin your metabolism or cause health issues… Did I mention, my hair started falling out on a diet before? Just because someone says carbs are bad or fat is bad, doesn’t mean it’s 100% true or they are bad for you.

If you are lost in this nutrition world like I was, I would recommend going to your doctor or getting a nutritionist or coach that wants to understand your goals and health concerns. You want someone who is going to guide you, not drive for you. I am working with an AMAZING coach and she listens to my issues/history and recommends channels of self-education and “feeling it out” by trying things and being conscious how they affect me.

Seriously… If there is one thing you take from this, don’t follow influencers who are out there to get their web celebrity status. Talk to a professional and listen to your body. If something makes you feel sick don’t eat it, etc.

Tools and Resources I’m Using on My Whole30

I have found a lot of tools to help me make it through these 30 days!

  • My Fitness Pal
    This phone app is amazing and free! You can upgrade if you want for more features. It really helps me track my calories, macros, and nutrients throughout this. It’s funny too because I use this app to not limit what I eat but track and make sure I am eating enough. The first 4-5 days I lost my appetite because I cut out so many addictive foods. This app helped me realize I was only eating 1000-1200 calories a day when I was shooting for 1700. It also showed me how little protein I was consuming, so I had to find a way to up it.
  • 5 Minute Journal
    To be honest, when going through a change in lifestyle that makes you feel like you are ‘giving up’ many foods. It’s nice to have something that keeps you positive. I tend to get down in the dumps and use this to keep my vibes high and myself full of gratitude. This app has you fill out a morning and evening journal that keeps your mind focused on the right things. I tried to do a paper journal but just kept forgetting to take it with me. So the app is the way to go for me. They also have a physical journal if you are interested!
  • Visualization Apps & Tracks
    Taking a few minutes to relax and meditate does wonders. It helps you clear your mind for calm which I seem to not have a lot of. I do this at night. It helps me de-stress and get ready for bed.
  • Pinterest – Recipe Inspo
    I use Pinterest for inspiration and goals… Especially for recipes! Make sure to follow me to see what I am pinning and trying! Just search Whole30 and pinterest will not disappoint. Below are a few examples of items I made 🙂 !
    PSSSSST – You can also follow me on Instagram to see what I am up to cooking!
  • An Awesome Coach
    I am working with an coach for this and beyond for nutrition and fitness. She is helping guide me through everything as stated above. I am learning so much and I thought I already knew a lot about nutrition.

So You Want to Know my Day 14 Results So Far?

I am super surprised and encouraged by my results thus far! But let me state, we are all different, so my results will vary from other’s and your’s. Just because someone loses more or less weight does not constitute success. You should have more than one metric to mean success for you!

  • I have lost 8.2 lbs
  • That means 8.75″ lost
    between my neck, chest, arms, waist, hips, and thighs! Biggest factor is the elimination of belly bloat!
  • I don’t feel bloated after meals now
  • My dark circles are going away because I am getting more sleep
  • I got my first real aunt flo visit in about 1.5 years.
    Yay! (PCOS is not nice to your cycle)
  • I have more energy
    Literally cleaned my whole house because I felt like it… who does that? I guess I do.
  • I’m feeling a lot more positive and grateful.
    It’s odd to admit, but I am getting more spiritual knowing the the universe has got my back an wants nothing but for me to succeed. It helps take off some of the burden.
  • I dont actually crave as much as I thought I would
    No munchies? No bread? No cheese? No grains? Don’t miss it as much as I thought I would. I think I will continue to cut them after the 30 days as well. I will add back in stevia and monk fruit though.

Well, there you have it; My Whole30 Update. 16 more days to go! I will have a before and after photo at the end 🙂 I don’t see much difference now so I am waiting.

Let me know where you are at on your weight loss journey to a more amazing you too! I would love to see how you do it and maybe even have a chat about it! Feel free to comment below or email me: [email protected] !

❤ Samie

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