Blog Re-Launch / Vlog Launch

In the last two months, a lot has changed about my life. All for the better! I’ve taken some time to find peace and happiness since school ended and my leadership class graduation.

I’m a pretty passionate person, but have been holding all my passions back for some odd reason. I’ve been doing some soul searching and decided, I just need to let go, enjoy life, and embrace who I am. I need to stop considering myself as lesser than or “unworthy”. I, just like everyone else have a lot to offer.

Some revelations:

  • I’m an artist, always have, always will be.
  • I’m a leader. I’ve always stepped up to help others and need to embrace that.
  • Cooking is fun as hell as a vegan. I get a lot of shit for being vegan, but it’s not going to make me go back to my unhealthy ways
  • I have something to offer. I have let others make me feel lesser, and that is unacceptable. I’m trying to not let others have the impact on me they once did.
  • I REALLY like lifting. It actually helps me clear my mind and find peace more than yoga did.

So now you’re wondering why a blog re-launch / vlog launch? Well my blog has always been random and centered around who I want to be. I have adopted this amazing new life style and want to share it with others. NO, my goal is not to convert everyone to veganism. I want to help others find themselves and adopt a lifestyle that fits them. Since changing my diet, it has catalyzed so much amazing change for myself and I want others to have this opportunity as well!

What will the new Blog/Vlog include:

  • Recipes
  • Health
  • Art
  • Beauty
  • Adventures/Travel
  • Minimalism Journey

I know these all seem random, but they are who I am, Samie Dojo.

And yes, many of these topics will have an ethical component in them. If you do not like that, then don’t follow me 🙂 !


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