How to Add Google Analytics to Blogs

Today I decided that I wanted a little more insight to  who was accessing my website. stats are good, but I wanted more information. So like usual I created a new Google Analytics account, copied the tracking code, and was on my way to insert it.

I kn0w that you cannot alter code on a blog but I figured they would have an area for you to insert the code… Nope!  Well, then I went and did some research with my best friend Google. I found this article here:
Long story short you need a Business Plan upgrade for usage of Google Analytics.

After finding that out, I started weighing my options wondering if Google Analytics was worth the Business Plan Price. Before I gave up or caved, I decided to go back to my best friend Google one more time. I came across this wonderful article on CloudFlare’s blog:
You can set up CloudFlare easily and then use their Google Analytics App.

CloudFlare Apps CloudFlare Web Performance Security

CloudFlare is very easy to setup and has many perks for any website out there! To read the perks, click here.

Here is how simple CloudFlare is to set up:

1.) Signup for CloudFlare and start the process:

Add Websites CloudFlare Web Performance Security

2.) CloudFlare will scan your DNS records and ask you to verify that they are correct.

Step 2 Verify That All Of Your DNS Records Are Listed Below CloudFlare Web Performance Security

3.) Select your CloudFlare plan! I chose the “Free” one and it works fine.

Step 3 Select a CloudFlare Plan CloudFlare Web Performance Security

4.) Change your nameservers to the ones the they provide. There are also directions on this page that will help you do this.

Step 4 Change Your Nameservers CloudFlare Web Performance Security

5.) Once you are done you can click on “Apps” in the menu and find the Google Analytics app to put your tracking code in.

Overview CloudFlare Web Performance Security

It may take up to 72 hours to populate, but mine took about 10 minutes. Now I have Google Analytics on my website and I am happy I don’t have to leave or switch to Business Plan.

There may be other ways but this did the job for me 🙂

Thanks for reading!
❤ Samie

8 thoughts on “How to Add Google Analytics to Blogs

  1. Hi Samie.

    This is excellent, thanks so much for sharing. I’ve set everything up in CloudeShare etc. One question and sorry if this is obvious: I want to do some tracking to analyse clicks on external links. I tried to insert some code into the HTML of a blog post but it just won’t “stick”. If I switch from Text to Visual mode it just disappears. An example of the code is below.


    Am I missing something?

    Thanks so much for your insight.

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