I’m a Convenience Eater

I always tend to eat what is most convenient. Whether it be food I bring to work or fast food. I typically never bring food to work so fast food makes up a big amount of my lunch-time diet.

I think the biggest cause for this is my lack of preparation. I always just wing it and never plan.

I take a majority of inspiration from Lean Meals and Eat Run Lift. The tasty foods that are prepared ahead of time by both of these companies look amazing and really inspired me to do the same. I have done “meal prep” before but not to this level. I am so excited to get this in gear :).

Today has been a busy day for I used a pre-made salad, but hey, my breakfast and lunch are ready for tomorrow so I won’t be grabbing fast-food.

FullSizeRender (8)

Tomorrow night I will be prepping chia pudding (if you have never had it, try it!) and coconut curry shrimp with brown rice. The coolest part is that I will have enough to last two days. I am going to try and keep up this pre-planning theme in my life and see how I do with it.

❤ Samie

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