What is Loving Yourself?

It’s almost as if when my 25th birthday hit, everything in my life changed as I knew it. My body is definitely not responding to a lot of things like it use to. I think the hardest part is this means I am “growing up” which is bittersweet.

I sometimes get nostalgic for the times where all I did was party and live day-by-day. That to me was “living”. I definitely couldn’t go back to that life if I tried. I went “crazy” like past me for New Years Eve, and even though I had a blast, the next day was brutal. I slept most of the day away recovering.

While recouping, I had plenty of time to reflect and see that I have not been caring for myself as well as I could. I think it’s a great concept when people equivocate loving yourself to taking care of and dedicating the time needed for yourself. It is such a beautiful concept. While I have been career oriented, I have forgotten about taking care of myself health-wise and mentally. I want to get back to where I was back in September.

Loving myself is more than accepting myself. It is wanting what is best for my happiness and longevity. What I fuel my body with currently doesn’t say I love myself, it says that I don’t think I deserve time or quality. How I think about myself doesn’t say I love myself, it says I want myself to fail. I really want to change this. I truly want to love myself.

To keep the momentum going and my understanding of self-love, I am trying out something new – Yoga with a focus on my mental health as well. I have done Yoga before, but never got into the spiritual and self-discovery part. I am doing a 30-day Yoga Bootcamp which you can check out here. I invite you to try it with me and give me your thoughts on it!

I am also going back to my meal prep days. I did a lot better and felt better when I prepped all my meals ahead of time. It’s a lot easier than cooking every night and it keeps me from going out to eat where I do not know what is in the food. I will be blogging as I get back into the meal-prep groove and try out Yoga Bootcamp.

How do you define “loving yourself”? I am very interested to get some feedback!

❤ Samie


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