At What Age Does My Opinion Become Valid?

So I am noticing a trend for myself in 2015, and the hot subject seems to be my age. I have been in many conversations where I am singled out because something happened before my birth or my age used for reference of how long ago things took place. You know a few times would be ok… But it seems to be a regular occurrence now.

This has led to the feeling that others are putting down and belittling my opinion because I am younger. I sat and thought about this… When I was 18 I was expected to magically become an “adult”. As soon as I turned 18, I realized I was still  far from being an “adult”. So logically, next I went to college to get a degree and get into the career I had always dreamed of. I realized in college that I  somehow still felt like a little kid – Drinking, staying up late, and procrastinating outweighs the fact that I paid a few bills and was responsible for school work, feeding myself, and possibly work.

Finally, that day of graduation comes – YAS “ADULT”HOOD. I get my diploma and I realize I just spent a fortune to get this degree and I still do not know what I am going to do. I have to find an apartment, a job, and so much more!

Fast-forward to a few years later… I have been through hell and back to get to where I am. I am sure these last two years have not gone nearly as smoothly as I had hoped, but hey! I have learned a lot and have even had a few accomplishments. On top of all that, I am finally paying all of my own bills, bought a car; I have my own working life! 18-year old me would not believe how far I have come for sure.

I have worked my ass off – I jumped into my career and really worked towards a goal. But alas, the way I am treated is far from a hard-working “adult”. I may be 25, but I don’t have kids, I am not married, it is assumed I don’t know what “struggle” is, and I could go on. For these reasons and my age – I am treated as if my opinion does not matter. “Since you graduated college before I was born, you shouldn’t be heard”. Because of my age, I do not know enough to hold an informed opinion. Because I am a millennial, my opinions of politics and social issues, are painted by my age more so than how I actually feel or what I see.

If I am whining, throwing a tantrum, and acting immature – by all means, that is different. Dismissing me by saying “I have children your age” or that your age remarks are a form of “flattery” is not cool… I don’t think anyone would find it funny if I told them “I have parents your age” when they talk about their opinions… It would be plain rude.

I may be young and am always learning, but I think that is fine. I am not uninformed because of my age. I am more than my age.

I realize that this is something that won’t change and I just have to deal with it. I will have to work harder to have my opinions heard and I will have to work harder to be more than my age. But it does bring up a good question… “At what age does my opinion become valid?”

Thanks for reading my split second rant 🙂


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