Always The People Pleaser

It’s Christmas morning technically… So Merry Christmas! This past year has been a challenge and boy have I had major failure and success to accompany it.

Tuesday night my friend Cat and I went to the hookah bar and relaxed after a typical day at the office. We enjoyed ourselves and started talking about “what if we started all over again back at freshman year of high school.” we joked and made up so many hilarious scenarios.

This talk really got me thinking though… My oh my, am I totally a different person. Some  qualities I admire and have really grown with, but others I am still working on. One in particular is my people pleaser attitude. It seemed like a great trait but has really lead me astray from time to time. I end up putting people’s’ happiness and wants before mine and instead of making people happy it ends up leaving me trying to fill some pretty big shoes.

You really cannot please everyone, and shouldn’t let it bug you too much if they aren’t happy with you. I would let it eat me up and do anything to make them happy. Sometimes I would give so much that I  couldn’t give any more and would lose friendships over it! In retrospect those relationships weren’t the best to have in the first place, they were definitely toxic and I’m pretty happy they are in the past.

I am trying to avoid being a people pleaser by simply being me :). I think that being yourself really helps grow confidence which keep me from getting into those awful friendships I have had in the past.

It is almost a new year too! 🙂 2015 is around the corner and I will have a year round-up blog coming soon.


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