“You’re Not a Fit”

I have heard and felt that I am “not a good fit” my whole life. I’ve tried my hand at many things from music performance to Art Education. I do have a natural knack at learning new trades, but I never seemed to be a “good fit” for any of them. I am never the cool kid (which I am okay with) and just feel awkward around the people who these groups encompass.

The past year I have gotten back into web oriented work after about a 10 year break. It wasn’t easy but, what has made it a lot easier is WordPress.

Unlike many communities I have come in contact with, the WordPress community is the most welcoming and supportive. In the past year I have met so many WordPress designers, developers, automatticians, and general enthusiasts, and they have all been so spectacular. They are all so willing to talk and help you with any problem. That is HUGE and UNIQUE.

I am very proud and happy to be a part of the growing WordPress community.

Thanks, if it wasn’t for WordPress, I wouldn’t have found my passion and creative outlet πŸ™‚


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