It’s March… Time to tackle this year.

I’m Twenty-Three… Really? and its only 6 months until I am Twenty-Four. Not that I am worried about aging, I am more so worried about not living my life to the fullest year by year.

I’ve made some goals that I really think would benefit and better myself if I attempt them.

  1. Create Art – One thing that I’ve noticed is I do not create any of my own art anymore. Its always part of an assignment or for someone. I would like to start making stuff I like and I want to make.
  2. Improve My Coding Abilities – I use to code a bit when I was young, but after high school I stopped. Its time to catch up and improve!
  3. Get My Photography On – I have a amazing camera my parents got me, and its time to use it.
  4. Graduate in December – I have 38 credits to take out before December 2014. I want to knock them all out and get my degree and say goodbye school.
  5. Be Spontaneous; Take Trips – Usually I like to plan and be careful about plans, but this year I want to go as many places as possible and have a great time with friends.
  6. Be Happy and Stop Looking Back 

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