Vegan Chili

I grew up eating a version of chili my dad made called “Rancho Beans”. They were one of my favorite food dishes to eat. They are super cheap to make and 1 batch can last you for many meals. Since I cut out animal products in my diet recently, I decided to vegan-ize this food!… Read More Vegan Chili

How to Add Google Analytics to Blogs

Today I decided that I wanted a little more insight to who was accessing my website. stats are good, but I wanted more information. So like usual I created a new Google Analytics account, copied the tracking code, and was on my way to insert it.

I kn0w that you cannot alter code on a blog but I figured they would have an area for you to insert the code… Nope! Well, then I went and did some research with my best friend Google. I found this article here:
Long story short you need a Business Plan upgrade for usage of Google Analytics.… Read More How to Add Google Analytics to Blogs