Whole 30: What I Am Doing Halfway Through

I'm halfway through Whole30! Can you believe it? I did whole 30 to reset my eating habits and see how my body did without certain foods for 30 days. Let me tell you that a lot more than the food has surprised me in the last 14 days. I will try to keep this brief … Continue reading Whole 30: What I Am Doing Halfway Through

How to Be the Best Version of Me

Well, there is no looking back now. I've hit a metaphorical wall recently. My health isn't the best, my weight has been stagnant, and if there was an award for 'most lazy unmotivated creature', I would have a good chance knocking out the competition for a win. The Problem For months, deep down I knew … Continue reading How to Be the Best Version of Me

A Cleansing Routine for Dry Skin

I have very dry skin that is prone to redness and texture on my cheeks. I have spent a lot of my life following cleansing routines of others and using products just because they are popular. I use to really focus on bathing my skin in rich heavy moisturizers, and when my above mentioned issues … Continue reading A Cleansing Routine for Dry Skin

The Struggle is Real

Woah - Its been a while!  I know last I had this marvelous plan to relaunch my blog and make it so fresh and sparkly with all the life-style posts one could want... Yeah *rolls eyes* that definitely did not happen! Boy do I have a lot to talk about, but I want to keep … Continue reading The Struggle is Real

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress.com Blogs

Today I decided that I wanted a little more insight to who was accessing my website. WordPress.com stats are good, but I wanted more information. So like usual I created a new Google Analytics account, copied the tracking code, and was on my way to insert it. I kn0w that you cannot alter code on a WordPress.com blog but I figured they would have an area for you to insert the code... Nope! Well, then I went and did some research with my best friend Google. I found this article here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/google-analytics/#enabling-google-analytics-on-wordpress-com Long story short you need a WordPress.com Business Plan upgrade for usage of Google Analytics.